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Journal #21 – May 4, 2021

The forum for today is to come up with a final decision for what you are going to write for the proposal assignment. I stated that I was going to write how to solve Waze’s energy consumption problem by improving its program on a standalone GPS device. I have already found an article that illustrates how its is possible for Waze to be used in a standalone device. This online article is called How to Use Waze as a Standalone Device? by Steve Kelly. He explains how to setup Waze in this piece of technology by using a tablet.  He also stated that the benefits of using an android tablet is that you would not need to change the program or attend the calls on the tablet. This could allow the users to use their smartphones for calling or messaging more while not worrying about its battery life. Additionally, location-based apps like Waze or Google Maps tend to use your battery power more than other apps. If that is the case, a tablet with car charger will keep your battery up on both devices. This demonstrates how I could make Waze consume less energy from your cell phones by having its own standalone device. If I combine this source with some of my ideas of working together with other technology companies like Apple along with the sources I have used so far, this should convince the audience to support it since most of them want to find what they are looking for much faster while wanting to save energy on their cell phones. This could also convince them to use Waze more because along with its significant features of community-user-base, this should improve real instant updates of what is happening in the streets and roads so they could accurately come up with a plan for where they want to go.

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