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Journal #15 – April 13, 2021

In today’s discussion forum, we had to find any important information about our topic for the lab report we have to write soon. I found new important information in Forbes magazine on how Waze is getting upgrading so people could feel safe when going to their destinations. According to the article, it states that Waze allows its users to search for emergency food resources and covid testing sites by entering keywords in the search bar of the iOS or Android app. They could type words such as corona, virus, covid, and etc., to find the testing centers. For food distribution centers, the users can type keywords, such as food pantries, food help, emergency food, local food banks, and food assistance, to find the locations. To ensure better accuracy on Waze, information on coronavirus testing centers is provided only by governments or testing center operators. The navigation company needs to work with the appropriate agencies to display only the information authorities want to be presented so they do not overwhelm understaffed sites with a flood of traffic. Government officials and local authorities that would like to add testing information can upload it on Waze’s site and the navigation company will validate it and make sure drivers are informed. Basically, Forbes is describing Waze’s new upgrades during the pandemic by describing how governments around the world are providing new information to Waze so that people could search for the nearest covid testing sites and places to get emergency food supplies much faster.

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